Monday, 26 March 2012

Community Manager Role & Engagement

Hello, I’m Taisha, the teams’ socialite journalist aka Community Manager.
My role as the ‘Community Manager’ in this investigation is to be the connection between you (the community) and our investigation.
“Are promising athletes are being driven out of athletics by litigious sponsors?”
Over the weeks my interaction with the community online and offline will expand as our investigation develops. I will engage with the athletics community online, via social networking sites such as twitter, facebook and linkedin, also forums and blogs concerning athletes and the Olympics. I will also draw insight and generate interviews with local athletic teams and players, sponsored or not yet sponsored the general community, sponsorship managers, and many more sources. My main focus, is on what issues, topics, concerns and interests you, as a community, have regarding athletics, sponsorships and the Olympics.
I have created a Twitter account, as the first step to community engagement. With twitter generating 1.6 billion search queries a day, and been described as the ‘SMS of the internet’. I felt this was an appropriate source, for community interaction.
Here on twitter I have started following appropriate sources, to help support our investigation on –
“Are promising athletes are being driven out of athletics by litigious sponsors?” 
Here is a list of some of the accounts we are following on Twitter:

Follow our investigation on Twitter, Tweet us your views on the topic. 

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