Saturday, 12 May 2012

Unsponsored Boxer VS Sponsored Boxer

‘I’ve sold my bike and my I-pod before to get new boots and a new gum shield’. Callum Morman, a 14 year old boxer from Telford, Shropshire discusses the drastic measures he has to face to fund his boxing career. Due to not having a sponsor. 


Callum Morman, 14 and Joe McAllister, 18 both have been attending Donnington boxing club and have been close team mates for several years. Despite the parallels, between the two boxers there are major contrasts between been a sponsored boxer and been an unsponsored boxer in this highly competitive sport. Whilst living local to the club Callum explains how he sometimes finds it difficult to make it to boxing lessons.

'The early sessions start at 5 but I have my paper round at 4.30 so sometimes I don't get it done in time. Which means I miss the lesson! The paper round is to pay for my membership, and my gloves and gum shield, when I'm sparring.'

Callum draws on to some of the comparisons between the 'Sponsored' and the 'Unsponsored', in the world of boxing. 'People with sponsors are able to train more often than non sponsored boxers. Everything is paid for them and they don't need a job'. 

Team mater McAllister is fortunate to have a sponsorship with a local plumbing company to cover all his boxing expenses. But Callum shares the harsher struggles he has to cover his costs.
'When I can't afford to get boots or head guards I sell things so I've got the money. I've sold my bike and my I-pod before to get new boots and a new gum shield... It's something I have to do when I haven't got any money, If I didn't do it. I wouldn't get any better at boxing.' 
Joe previously explained the psychological benefits of having a sponsor.
‘Having a sponsor sends out a message out that you’re a worthy boxer. It also sends out a big message to your opponent and having that little psychological edge, is exactly what your looking for before a fight’.
Callum uses the psychological edge of his opponent been sponsored to his advantage, for his motivation and drive to succeed in the fight.

‘Whenever one of us is going into a fight and we know were against a sponsored fighter there’s always banter going on. We all want to beat the guy who’s sponsored because then it shows were good enough to be sponsored, its great for motivation’ .


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