Friday, 20 April 2012

Olympic Sponsorship Controversy/Fighting Obesity

The BBC's article on, ‘Doctors unite to combat obesity’, discuses sponsorship of the Olympics by fast food firms as sending "the wrong message". Companies such as Cola – Cola and Mc Donald’s sponsoring the Olympics have caused controversy among society, and is also evident among the online community of bloggers who commented on the BBC’s article.  

Bloggers discussed dealing with weight issues, (Link to Blog comment) (Link To Blog Comment), and ways to prevent obesity within society (Link to blog comment), and some bloggers felt that the Olympics were sending mixed messages in how to lead a healthy life style by been linked to fast food chains such as Mac Donald’s and coca- cola.

Sponsorship Debate between the Department of Health and fast food Sponsors: 

'The Department of Health said it was taking action to combat obesity.
A spokesman for the campaign, Prof Terence Stephenson, said the government's current strategy of "partnering" food firms in order to tackle obesity "might be seen as counter-intuitive".

Prof Stephenson said allowing companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds to sponsor the London 2012 Olympics "sends the wrong message."
"They clearly wouldn't be spending the money if they didn't benefit from being associated with successful athletes," he said.

A McDonald's spokesperson said the Olympics was "the biggest catering operation in the world," adding: "Sponsorship is essential to the successful staging of the Olympics."'
For the full article on the BBC's website, Click here.

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Fighting Obesity  

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