Thursday, 12 April 2012

Olympic Athlete Sponsors

With the Olympics just around the corner it is important to look at athletes and their sponsors. It is especially important within this investigation to look at whether winning athletes gain higher sponsors compared to those who have just earned their place in this years games.

UK Athletics have become a popular sponsor among both new and experienced athletes. They work as part of the Power of 10 which is a program set up to help selected track and field athletes improve their performance for the London 2012 Olympics. Athletes in the program are then rewarded with gifts which will aid their performance from the group of companies that sponsor the Power of 10.

which helps athletes to improve their performance ready for the Olympics.

I have also found that while top athletes do secure major sponsors in the games newcomers have also managed to secure sponsorships with major companies such as Nike, Lucozade and Adidas.

A new lead from this could be to look at what major sponsors look for in athletes and whether their performance in previous games helps influence the decision.

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  1. Nice work. I'd like to know what sport each athlete competes in, though?

    Also, what's 'power of 10'? You need to explain and link.

    Don't talk in reporter jargon ('a new lead'). A better approach might be to say "We'll be asking..." or "What do sponsors look for...?"